Nova Assignments

From 1995 to 1997, while working toward my masters and doctoral degrees at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, my courses required that I write several papers. Below is a small selection, and the only coursework that remains from that phase of my life. These papers seem rather basic and outdated … but remember, the Internet had come on the scene only a few years earlier.

Nova Assignments

1. Software and Hardware Required to Use the Internet; Internet Addressing

2. A Description of Gopher, Veronica, and Jughead; What is FTP?

3. The Internet: What Is It? Who Uses It and Why?

4. An Explanation of TCP/IP and Client/Servers

5. The Web, Hypertext, URLS and Browsers

6. What Is Usenet?

7. Reflections on the Multimedia Authoring Process: Use of MPC, Steps to Authoring, Platforms, Metaphors, Languages, and Still Images

8. Using Mindtools in an Educational or Learning Work Setting

9. Developing Critical Thinking Using Databases

10. Using Computer Programming to Promote Learning By Computers

11. The Authoring Environment: Communication Tools, Authoring Tool Selection and Application, and Processes for Creating a Real World Application

12. Multimedia: It’s Changing the World

13. Multimedia: The World of Health, Business, and Schools

14. Multimedia: A Fad or Life Skill?