Mr. Knowalot

Mr. Knowalot
Mr. Knowalot
[Mr. Knowalot has retired from writing columns so he can work on his music and book and other creative projects. Read previous stories and articles by Mr. K below.]

Mr. Knowalot, also known as Brad Ryder, writes tongue-in-cheek and sometimes humorous opinion and humor columns about computers, sports, politics, Americana, media, culture, games, and lots of other stuff.

{Editors: At about 800 words these articles are the perfect length for your newspapers’ op/ed pages.}

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That Elusive Memory: Don’t Forget to Remember (Mid-March 1996)

Your Date With The Tax Man: Dress Appropriately (March 1996)

The V-Chip: The Chip of Virtue and Love (February 1996)

Super Bowl Insights: Why They Need Handkerchiefs (January 1996)

Fitness: A Gift to Yourself (December 1995)

Having a Good Thanksgiving (November 1995)

Mr. Knowalot’s Columns are Copyright 1995 – 2004 by Brad Ryder.