How I spent much of my teen years.
How I spent much of my teen years.

It started a long time ago….

When I was sixteen, I wrote my first song. That was in 1967. Then I wrote many more. Now, suddenly, I’m of retirement age! Over the years songwriting has been my outlet, expressing my joy and fear and pain and heartache, hopes and dreams, lah dee dah. I’ve sent many of my songs to publishers, but never sold one. I have posted my music on the web, thinking some rising artist will stumble across them and decide to record one of my songs. That hasn’t happened. In retrospect, the best way to share my songs might have been for me to become a professional and tour the world performing them myself. For a while in my younger years I played at coffee shops and bars and talent shows, but didn’t have the burning desire to live that life. Ah well.

So, what I’m doing now is placing my songs up for grabs. Because, for one thing, I think they’re good songs. Although I never sold one, I think that’s due more to the vagaries of the industry. During one of my many visits to Nashville, the people I talked to said “What do you have for Kenny or Gretchen?” That’s all they cared about, for Kenny Chesney and Gretchen Wilson were hot. The publishers had no interest in the quality of the songs unless they could market one to their narrow needs at the time.

Another reason my music is here is, quite frankly, I’d just like to share it. I’ve spent a lifetime pouring my heart and other bodily organs into words and music, and it seems a shame to let them all die when I do — which hopefully isn’t for a long time, but who knows? So what I’m saying here is absolutely true: Take My Music, Please! Just listen to it, if that’s all you care to do. Or if somehow you could reach a larger audience than I can — on your next album, for instance — then feel free to adapt a song or two for that purpose. I can make the sheet music available, if needed. All I ask is that I share some of the writing credit.

In addition to my songs, I have written a few books, including Something I Must Say, which includes all my song lyrics. I’ve written a play, Grad All Over; a children’s book, A Day at the Doll Factory; and a memoir of a painful stage of my life called Organ of Pain. These are on, and although I’m not giving them away — because the publisher requires some revenue — they are very reasonably priced.