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I See Jesus In The Sky

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I See Jesus in the Sky, by Brad RyderIn the early 70s I wrote a song called Jesus on My Side -- and over the next few decades I came up with a few more Christian or inspirational tunes. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I went on a spree of writing that culminated in this album. Many of the tunes for these songs had been composed years earlier, but I replaced the secular lyrics with spiritual ones. So you may hear a tune that sounds familiar from a previous album; for instance, Heavenly Bodies from I Told You I Was Good was the forerunner of what became a song on I See Jesus in the Sky.

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Something I Must Say

Something I Must Say, by Brad RyderInspired by The Beatles, Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash, Elvis and others, Brad began writing songs at the age of sixteen. (Many of his songs are on this web site, under Music ... and the words are in this book.) With the guitar he got for Christmas, and an impressionable psyche, he created many songs that spoke to yearning and longing, and some desire here and there that he didn't understand. Many of his songs no longer exist except in the farthest recesses of Brad's mind. However, the words of those that survived over the years are contained within. Read, enjoy ... and smile.

I Told You I Was Good

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I Told You I Was Good, by Brad RyderA collection of country-style songs. My earlier songs were not written as country tunes, but then it occurred to me that much of my music did include the clever, double-entrendre lyrics found in country. I re-worked some of my old stuff and wrote new songs, and made a cassette in 1995 called Heavenly Bodies. Recently I decided I Told You I Was Good was a better title -- also a better song.

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A Day at the Doll Factory

A Day at the Doll Factory, by Brad RyderWhen Melody and Heidi Valentine skip school on Wednesdays, it's not to goof off. The sisters own and operate their own doll factory -- although maybe "doll" is not the most accurate word. The two-foot tall robots are actually computerized miniature androids, designed to simulate real-world professionals. There's the Tennis Instructor, the Policeman, the Math Teacher, the Banker, Ballerina, Actress, Nurse, Farmer, and many others, programmed to help young people learn more about a career they might be interested in pursuing. Then one day the Tennis Instructor decides to tamper with a girl's stereo, and Heidi and Melody realize that someone has been corrupting their dolls. But who? And why? With the help of their friends, Chris and Ryan Warner, the girls delve into an internal investigation that reveals the frightening truth. This adventure takes place in one day, from the time the girls board the special purple bus that takes them to the factory, to the moment they face their nemesis in a showdown that only one side can win.
Many of my best songs -- or those I thought most commercial -- have musical tracks, which I commissioned from studios in Nashville. Steve Cooper at The Songwriters Studio was my favorite, followed by Mark Speer and Bob Stamper. They did a good job, and were very reasonable, but I couldn't afford to have all my songs produced. So the albums below contain songs that did not make the studio cut. They're fine songs -- and I'd still like to see someone take a few and record them for the world to hear -- but for your musical enjoyment, here they are ... featuring just me and my guitar.

I Sing A Solo

I'm Out of Line

Grad All Over

Grad All Over, by Brad RyderA man of more than 30 years old graduates from college, but the achievement has taken a toll on his marriage. Now it's time for his wife to convince him that he wants her back.