Sugar - Brad Joe crossed legsWelcome to my Creative Outlet! My new novel, Cosmic Son, has been published and is available on Amazon and on the LifeRich Publishing web site.

Download the eBook or Kindle edition for $3.99. Or get the paperback for $18.95. (I’d give them away, but my publisher says that’s not allowed.)

If you’d like to know more about the book first, please visit my Books page. Thanks!

During my time on the planet, which began on October 22, 1951, I have always been creatively inclined. At first I took after my father, who was an artist. Just put me somewhere with a pencil and some paper, and I was happy as an urchin.

I knew early on that I also wanted to be on stage. My first acting job that I recall was in the sixth grade Christmas play, where I portrayed a reporter. Then I pursued nearly every performing role that came my way. I was in the drama club in high school and appeared in several productions. At Pasadena City College I was cast as Johnny in I Knock at the Door. In Gilroy there was a fantastic community theater organization and I was in several of their productions, including Sugar, in which I played Daphne/Jerry (that’s me on the left in the picture above, showing my legs with Frank Vanella).

Sugar was a musical, which fit in well with my love of music. Actually, it wasn’t even on my radar as an interest until The Beatles came along and inspired me. Then I asked my parents for a guitar, which they gave me on Christmas Day when I was thirteen. I learned to play, started a band, and began writing songs. Although I must have written hundreds, only slightly less than a hundred still exist, and I’ve selected about half of those to include on my albums.

Even without a band, I have performed — just me and my guitar — at many venues. These were mostly open mic settings, as I don’t recall ever getting paid. Now living in Grand Rapids, I will be looking to play at the open mic nights in this area, once I polish my act a little.

My interest in writing goes way back. When I was fifteen I came home from school and worked on my first novel, a spy drama in the James Bond genre. My hero was Robert Trebor, whose name was the same forward and backward. I wrote 250 pages in longhand, with pencil. When I was done I burned the entire manuscript in a backyard barbecue pit. I will never know why I did that. Since then I have written a bunch of short stories, and self-published four books.

Currently I’m working on a couple of books. I’ve finished Cosmic Son. It is in my editor’s hands and will be published by March or April 2018. It’s about a man who wakes up to find out he’s turned into his own son. Trying to find out why this happened leads him to some epiphanies about how he had or will have lived his life. The other book, tentatively titled Kissing Karen, is about the women I’ve met and loved in vain until my prayer was granted, that I find a “good Christian woman.”

Instead of focusing on one of my talents to hone and present to the world, I’ve lived in a scatter-shot way, excelling at nothing. But it’s been fun. I studied TV and Radio at San Jose State, got my MFA from UCLA in theater and film, taught college for about ten years, worked at several radio stations and a couple of TV stations, ran my own Internet company, then got into the hospitality industry.

At this time, as I face the age of retirement, I’m beefing up this web site as a portfolio of my material, so keep checking back!